Concrete Coffee Mug

This is a coffee mug made of concrete with a rebar handle.CCM01(It weighs 5 lbs. Why? Are you worried about your manicure??)


(And it is sealed with the same NO VOC sealer used for concrete countertops… chill…lol)

What sparked the idea:

I live in an old industrial loft building that was originally built 130 years ago as a cotton mill. In these types of industrial loft projects, both the architecture and residents have to change to accommodate each other: the buildings must be made a little softer as they accommodate residents, and the residents adapt as well to the roughness of the materials, the scale of the spaces, and the strength of the structure.

Outwardly, it may appear that these two types of characteristics are forced to adapt to each other UN-naturally (the architecture domesticated and the people hardened) but the co-existance of these two contrasting ideas actually creates something really exciting!

One Saturday morning while drinking black coffee and staring at the brick wall in my loft, I sketched out the initial design of a concrete coffee mug with this kind of dichotomy in mind. I couldn’t drop the idea and I kept coming back to it again and again, so I had to work out the details and make it. 🙂


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